Real Wedding- Meghan and Erik

meghan_erik0459-Edit_wWhen I saw that this would be my first wedding post I was very excited! Meghan and Erik had a beautiful Catholic ceremony at St. Mary’s Church in September, 2012 followed by a rustic reception at the Bristol Harbour Resort in Canandaigua, NY. a_meghan_erik0083_w

I was especially excited to write about this wedding because they had some of the most delicious desserts I’ve ever seen and, in my opinion, the dessert is a crucial part of any reception! Meghan and Erik gave their guests plenty of options; they had a Burnt Almond Torte cake, courtesy of Prantl’s Bakery, four different flavors of cupcakes, and even a late night snack of milk and cookies thanks to Gourmet Goodies! I’m going to go ahead and assume that guests did not leave this wedding hungry; I know I certainly wouldn’t have! meghan_erik0410_w
Erica had the pleasure of helping Meghan and Erik with their cupcake toppers, dinner menus, table numbers and programs. The color scheme, sparkling merlot and citron, helped emphasize the romantic and rustic feel of the reception. meghan_erik0414_w


The place cards (which were adorable) added a unique touch to the reception. I admire this couple’s creativity and I’m sure the guests did as well! Such a clever way to display place cards!


Meghan and Erik also had beautiful flower arrangements, courtesy of Flower Power Decor. Hair and Makeup were done by Valerie Schaubroeck of Salon Brio in Pittsford, NY and Lisa Murley from Limedrop Events was the wedding coordinator.

Meghan looked absolutely stunning in her dress and so many brides will be jealous when they see these photos! The rustic theme for this reception was spot on and I know Erica is glad to have been a part of such a beautiful wedding. Thanks to John Larkin Photography for capturing this perfect night!  I would like to congratulate Meghan and Erik and thank them for choosing Peacock Printing for their wedding!


Real Wedding – Lara and Jacob

Last summer I was contacted by the most adorable couple who had their wedding planned for just a few days before Christmas – and their theme was a winter wonderland. But Lara and Jacob had this glam, 40’s throwback vision, not just your typical snowflakes and blue and glitter everywhere type of wonderland. This was a cardinal red, black, silver, and pearl winter wonderland. I was so excited!


We tweaked one of my more popular designs, “The Jennifer” I call it, after the first bride who purchased the design (this is my tradition). We added in her colors, flipped the design on its side (literally, making it a portrait style versus landscape), and mounted them to panel pockets, which are the go-between in the pocketfold world. All the joys of a pocketfold without the huge price tag. They are flat on the front and, instead of folding up, the pocket is smartly on the reverse for convenient insert storage!

Like a complete idiot, I did not snap any photos of Lara and Jacob’s assembled invitations. I will be kicking myself for that. Until I get around to having a set printed for myself, I can show you the design at least:

I also helped Lara with her table numbers, and these, at least, there are some pictures of! Props going out to Paige Hampton Photography, located in St. Louis, MO and Springfield, IL for the beautiful images of Lara and Jacob’s wedding!


So although it’s WAY overdue, a huge congratulations and a big thank you to Lara and Jacob on allowing me to be a part of their beautiful, romantic, glamorous winter wonderland wedding!



UPDATE! This morning Lara sent me some photos of her invitations so now I get to share them with the world! Thanks so much to Lara’s mom for finding the pics!



Wedding Season Woes & Whoas

Wedding Season is upon us! And it has taken me by storm. Today I made my 400th sale!  It’s been a rough month for me but this statistic really put all those woes in perspective. May, 2012 found me as much in sales as my first entire year did (whoa). Hence the lack in communication. And – trust me – I am NOT complaining, but my products have changed so much between now and then that a lot more goes into what I do now. And takes a lot more time (woe). Like these – which came out great, and one of these days there will be an entire post dedicated to Ashley’s Lollipop invitations – which required wire cutters and a lot of extra assembly time:

I never get any sleep anymore. I can’t remember a night when I went to bed before 2:30am. On my 2nd wedding anniversary, I went out for a picnic with my husband at the site where we got married (whoa – it was awesome… he had a whole picnic waiting for me when I got home from my day job), and when we came home prematurely due to the 92 degree day, I went immediately upstairs into my air conditioned bedroom and spent the rest of the night in there, alone, working on invitations (woe). Sad, right? In fact, I started this blog post almost 8 hours ago now and am just finally getting around to finishing it.

The big payoff is that I LOVE WHAT I DO.  I get to work with some really awesome people from all over the world who inspire me on a daily basis (and I get to do cool things with wire, which I never anticipated – that was all Ashley’s idea). It’s the really laid back, willing to think outside of the box brides (and often the super traditional ones who are REALLY EXCITED ABOUT THEIR WEDDINGS!!!) that are the most fun. Enthusiasm goes a long way with me. It’s so much more interesting to take an existing design and punch it up a little – plus then you get a truly unique invitation. And I get to experiment. Frankenvitations!

Last month (or was it this month?? I don’t even know what month it is anymore let alone what day) I was contacted by a bride from New England (Massachusetts, to be exact) who wanted a rustic, woodsy invitation. I had just the thing – my Sabrina invitation. But she wanted a birchy-piney feel, so we added in some pine trees and -BAM- Emily’s visions came to life. They came out beautifully. I’m extra proud of these. Even my husband loved them. And he honestly doesn’t comment on much without prodding. Take a look!

Thank you Emily for working with me to come up with a really beautiful variation of this design! I hope you are as happy with how they came out as I am =)

I am also working with a good friend of mine, Jessica over at Seven Layer Designs, on some new  ideas involving papercut invitations – more to come on that. I’m so excited (whoa)!

And if that wasn’t enough to keep me busy, here are some photos of the latest Peacock Parties items!

I don’t know what I was thinking, launching a second Etsy shop in May. Of course I’m glad the new shop is up and running – I have a whole new line of items there… banners, dyed clothespins, cupcake toppers, birthday invitations, etc… and the response has been great!  Much much much more to come there in the future.

In the mean time, a BIG THANK YOU to all you brides who keep me happy on a daily basis with dreams of making this my full time gig. Not only the fun brides, but the ones who challenge me, too. The ones who think they’re nitpicky (actually all you’re doing is making me happier because you love your invites more when you get them!). The ones who come back to me when they have friends or sisters who get married or have babies and refer me their business. I am in awe of you ladies (and a few gentlemen!) and appreciate you more than you know.

Shop THEN Wed

Just a quick one today, folks. It’s been a busy (and exciting) month! New things:

1. I have office space! That’s right, Peacock Printing has officially upgraded from the living room into an office. I will be sharing the space with some amazing talent – Mike Hanlon and Teri Fiske from Hanlon Weddings, Mike Napoli aka DJ Naps, among other wedding specialists. I am so excited about this I can’t even contain myself. Contact info will be coming along shortly!

2. I’ve been added to Shop Then Wed, a new website that lists a variety of wedding specialists in a whole bunch of categories. It’s a great one-stop-shop! Check it out!

3. Oh yeah. I turned 32 on the 6th. Weird. Officially “in” my 30s.

4. I’m finally getting around to updating my Etsy shop with programs, place cards, Save the Dates, and new photos of some available invitations.

5. I’ve started working with Bakers Twine and I love it. See photo below!

6. COMING SOON – and I am thrilled to say this: LETTERPRESS!!! I will be publishing a price chart with this information in the next couple weeks. Yes, it’s more expensive. But boy is it divine.

In honor of all this, I’m putting up a new coupon code. Free priority domestic shipping from now til the end of May! Use coupon code NEWOFFICE2012 at checkout in my etsy shop to get your discount. If you’re checking out through PayPal WITHOUT the Etsy checkout, just remind me and I’ll adjust the shipping.

Happy Friday!







My sister’s getting married. Have I obsessed about mentioned this? I’m so excited I could pee. Now that she’s picked a color scheme, I couldn’t wait to create an etsy treasury showing it off!  Here are some teaser items – click HERE to see the whole treasury!

Chartreuse Necklace by VividColors on Etsy

Bridal Sash by BridalShoppe on Etsy

Milk Glass Cake Stand by EIsabellaDesigns on Etsy


Pearl Cluster Bracelet by AMIdesigns on Etsy


Chartreuse Nightie by hotpinkkiki on Etsy

View the entire treasury HERE!

Happy Anniversary to Me!

Yesterday was my 2 year anniversary of opening up my Etsy shop! It’s amazing to me how far I’ve come since then. 

  • Literally HUNDREDS of brides have been married with Peacock Printing stationery – 324 sales, to be exact (and that’s not counting the few I’m working with currently). This is my PROUDEST statistic.
  • My shop expanded to carrying pocket invitations as well as many other color and embellishment upgrades.
  • I’ve participated in several craft and bridal shows.
  • The Etsy Wedding Team made me a proud member!
  • I’ve made connections with event planners, photographers, other stationery designers, bakers… the list goes on.
  • Hedonist Artisan Chocolates selected me as the designer for their 2011 Valentine’s Day truffles – it was SO much fun to work outside of the paper medium for a bit (and to get to eat a lot of delicious chocolate).
  • I’ve been selected by Etsy for a feature in the Huffington Post! Not sure when yet, but I’ll keep you posted.
  • Biggest news so far this month – LETTERPRESS IS COMING TO PEACOCK PRINTING.!!!! I’ll have more on this in the next couple weeks.

In honor of the big 2 year anniversary, I am dropping sample prices to 2.00 for the month of March. That’s 60% off! Use coupon code HAPPYANNIVERSARY at checkout for your discount to be applied. Obvs this can only be applied to samples and not to your full custom order.

Stay tuned for info on more upcoming changes!


Ooh La La! It’s Etsy Wedding Team treasury time!

One of the things that I love about Etsy is the Treasury feature. This is where anyone can create a collection of 16 items that are connected by a theme, a color, or are put together simply because they are items that are loved.

Today I’ve created one that highlights some of the items created by the Etsy Wedding Team – a selective group of etsy sellers that I am honored to be included amongst.  Today’s theme is vintage French!

Please enjoy! You can view the entire treasury by clicking HERE, but I will also post a few pics below.

French Paper Drink Straws by GoAgainstTheGrain


Program/Sendoff all in one! Fill these bags with confetti, lavender, birdseed, etc and let your guests send you off in style! by ExtravagantExits


Polka Dot Bridal Gloves by sibodesigns


Bridal Veil Blusher by Serephine



Pinterest – DO IT!

I’ll try to keep this one short and sweet. Just a few words about Pinterest.

For those of you who have been living under a rock, Pinterest is this new website (well, maybe not entirely new anymore, but still kind of exclusive – you need to be invited to join (this sounds a lot more hoity-toity than it really is – if you need an invite, just ask)) where you can keep collections of items you find anywhere online. You post these items onto a “pinboard” – sort of like an old-fashioned cork board you used to have in your bedroom growing up (mine had a gold star chart, probably pictures of unicorns and all things sparkly, and the random Highlights magazine article).  Let me explain how it works:

So you’re obsessed with, say, giraffes. You’re cruising the internet highway in search of the perfect giraffe tattoo. When lo and behold, you come upon this:


It’s perfect. It’s just the tattoo you’ve always talked about since you were a little girl (when connect the dots was the epitome of “art”). But before you commit to it, you see this one:

This one suits your adult personality a lot better and you think it would go over a lot better at work and with your parents. Plus you wouldn’t have to worry about your kids drawing all over your legs while you’re asleep. Well with Pinterest, you can not only store them together in one place (thereby not cluttering precious hard drive space with scattered giraffe images), but you can also share those images with others – and FIND images from others who share your interests. Hence – Pinterest.

This is a PERFECT resource for someone planning a wedding and trying to organize the various themes they’re considering. Or a place to gather inspiration if they are feeling overwhelmed or stressed out. It’s also perfect when you’re thinking about reorganization, crafting, redecorating, traveling, or if you just like art, fashion, cool stuff, photography, animals… which I would hope covers most people. If you don’t find yourself included in any of those categories, then you may as well stop reading right now and crawl back under that rock.

So how it works is this: you sign up (email, password, the usual). Then you can link your twitter and Facebook accounts and find your friends. Then you and all your friends can “follow” each other’s pinboards (and the boards of anyone else whose collection you come upon and notice that they have the same exquisite taste in giraffes as you do). You can create as many boards as you’d like. You can pin as many things to each board as you’d like. You can re-pin things that others have pinned. Plus, each time you log in, you are brought to a homepage where you can see what your friends and those you are following have recently pinned. I’m not going to go into further detail because I’m assuming that by now you’re either a) already signed up or b) in the process of sending me an email requesting an invite.

You can follow me by clicking on this link. I have a bunch of boards dedicated to wedding stuff (and peacocks) because those are the things that I find myself obsessed about the most. I’ve also started a cross promotion with the EtsyWeddingTeam where a new theme is featured each week (this week it’s Vintage Weddings) so if you follow me (or any of us) you may find yourself inspired by a variety of items that would work for your wedding or someone you know.

Happy pinning!

My Winter Vacation – aka – South Florida is the Greatest!

Hello my faithful followers – I have been absent lately due to a few things:

a) I contracted what I’m fairly certain was the black plague. I rarely get sick, and even MORE rarely does it keep me in bed for 5 days. Ok, 4 days. On day 5 I tried to go back in to the office. They promptly sent me home.

b) a whirlwind trip to South Florida in early November for my dear friend Kate’s wedding. This seems to have been the year of weddings for me – this one was the last for at least a couple years til my sister gets married. BUT, being a destination wedding in the Florida Keys, who could say no. And it was AMAZING!!!

I promised pictures – be prepared, there are many.


We arrived on Tuesday, November 8th to a beautiful afternoon in West Palm Beach. Drove to Kate’s house in Delray Beach to spend the night before making the trek the next morning.

From there we left to pick up my sister and her fiance at the airport in Miami, and then it was off to the Keys! It’s a beautiful drive down and I would recommend it to anyone. Although, full disclosure, parts of it along the way are quite strip mall-ish and dirty, touristy, etc – there is a billboard for the Sandal Outlet every 5 minutes the entire 3 1/2 hour drive, but also other interesting roadside things to see, such as a sign for Crocodile Crossing (I hadn’t known that Crocodiles were indigenous to the US, but apparently they are in South Florida!), Key Deer crossing (a mysterious endangered creature I hadn’t even heard of), and a bunch of kitchy little souvenir shops and mom and pop restaurants that probably have the best food you’ll have on the trip.

And then there was our hotel room.  We stayed at the Parrot Key Resort right on Rte 1.  We had reserved a 3 bedroom cottage, but the hotel had undergone some renovations and had called me a few months back to let me know that they had instead switched us to a 2 bedroom and a 1 bedroom as they were phasing out a lot of their 3 bedrooms. They offered a $200 food voucher to make up for the switcheroo. I asked if that could be increased at all, and they doubled it!  The rooms were large and comfortable (all had a patio or balcony), the beds were heavenly, and the grounds themselves were great – 4 saltwater pools, interesting artwork all over the place, super friendly staff, and we even saw a 4 foot iguana in a tree! It felt very neighborhoodish, and we thoroughly enjoyed our stay there (plus it was very affordable compared to a lot of other places, although this was largely due to the number of people we were traveling with – I’m not sure what a single room would run if you were just going on a quick getaway. There was only one open air bar, which is located at the main pool and closes at 7pm (this was kind of a bummer), but it was decorated nicely and was very comfortable. These were hanging all over the ceilings:

Parrot Key is located nextdoor to a Walgreens, which we ended up going to on a daily basis for a variety of reasons (the biggest being they sold wine and beer after 7 pm, unlike the bar, which was closed). We developed a little obsession with Walgreens as a result and made a point to stop at every one we saw (more on this later).

Then the wedding prep began:

And the SHOES!

After a little snafu with the suits (which caused a little pre-wedding chaos), we were off to the beach for an amazing wedding!

This is Fort Zachary Taylor Beach, where the wedding ceremony took place. Gorgeous. We didn’t have a chance to get over to the fort, but I’ve heard it’s awesome whether or not you’re a history buff.

The ceremony was gorgeous! Beautiful light, beautiful waves, and a beautiful bride! My friend Kate is so incredible, and her husband is a lucky, lucky man to have her.

I mean, seriously, how hot is this girl?!

Here is my friend CL, the maid of honor. This picture exemplifies her personality =)

And then I was graced with a nice picture of my husband and I together – I have very few of these outside of our wedding pictures. Usually he is making a weird face or not looking at the camera – and he almost NEVER smiles in pictures, so this is about as good as it gets:

And where else would you have a reception in Key West?

Kate and Andy rented out the whole restaurant, so we had a lot of margaritas, good food, and got a little crazy:

This is me and my sister:

It was so nice being on this vacation with my sister!!

One of the nice things about this wedding weekend extravaganza is that the wedding was the day after everyone arrived (on a Thursday) so we had the rest of the weekend to explore the island and check out all the sites.

This is a marina right near the Conch Republic Seafood Restaurant.

Everyone drove these little scooters everywhere. I tried, and was petrified. The boys (and CL) got a huge kick out of them. I preferred the cabs, myself. $4 anywhere you want to go on the island. And no fear of skinned knees and elbows.

Unfortunately this place was closed, because I REALLY wanted to have a drink in there with the 4 people that would fit in there with me. Sidenote, in Key West the open container law is pretty much ignored unless you’re causing a huge scene, in which case if the Smallest Bar got too crowded, you could just finish your drink on your walk to the Garden of Eden, Key West’s clothing optional bar. I don’t have pictures – cameras aren’t allowed. However they do have hula hoops you can use. And I’m not making that up.

This guy was just hangin out on the street. I’m pretty sure he belonged to someone – I don’t think parrots roam free in Key West, but he was very pretty. And I’m afraid of birds, so that’s saying something.

We visited Ernest Hemingway’s house, where you are not allowed to pick up any of the 44 cats that live there. Interesting fact: all the cats that live there are descendents of the Hemingway’s original six toed cat, Snowball. Oh, and guys, guys, there’s also a full basement – which apparently is very rare in the Keys.

One of the more amusing things I saw while I was there was a bride on a bike. She was alone – no groom in sight! It was weird!

If you’ve never been to Key West before, this will be something you’re not expecting. There are roosters running around everywhere the way that squirrels run around in Upstate New York. Once I heard that there were wild roosters, I expected to see more chickens than roosters. And I did see one guiding her little chicks across the street (insert your favorite “why did the chicken cross the road” joke here). But overall, it was mostly roosters. Oh, and they start crowing at 3:30 in the morning. I know this because that was usually about the time I was going to bed.

So here we are, the girls, friends since high school (well, the others have been friends since age 4, I just didn’t meet them til I was 14). There are 2 more of us who couldn’t make it for this wedding and we missed them dearly!!! But we’re pretty much inseparable when we all get together.

There were some real perks to waking up in Key West. For example, this was breakfast one day:

Yup. A fresh coconut with a straw in it. It was delicious.

But then it was Sunday, and we had to leave the Keys for a few days in Miami Beach! There really aren’t too many beachy areas in Key West, so I was definitely craving some lay-in-a-chair time. BUT, before we left – one last Key Lime Mimosa!

Finally! The beach!!

And I am now very happy to be laying in the sun doing absolutely nothing. 

In Miami we stayed at the Colony Hotel, a South Beach landmark (in fact it is the prominent hotel in most pictures of the South Beach Strip). The room was small (and crowded – five of us ended up sleeping there the first night), but modern and certainly a good value. I booked it with credit card points and got 3 nights for $14!

We basically spent those three days laying in the sun. It was great! Kate and Andy drove down for the afternoon and had a beach day with us, then we had a huge crab dinner with them at Joe’s Stone Crab.  We wandered around and found a great little area at the Lincoln Mall (which is not a mall at all – more like a giant street that is blocked off to traffic, and there are a ton of outdoor restaurants, shops, etc). I had been there before, but forgot that it even existed! This is what it looks like at night:

So we stopped here for dinner, and you’ll never guess who I met!

Charlie the Lemur! Yep, held a lemur. Have YOU ever held a lemur? I didn’t think so.  This was a scam of the worst kind – Charlie had a cataract that needed surgery, so his owner was asking for $20 donations for the surgery. Of course poor Charlie will probably never have the surgery, because then dude will have to stop asking for $20 donations from every sucker like me who wants to hold the lemur. But knowing all this, I couldn’t pass up holding him. I would have paid him to let me hold him even if he didn’t have a bad eye.

This is interesting because not only is it one of about 5 or 6 different Walgreens that we stopped at (and took a picture of), but within 10 minutes of taking this photo something really funny happened. We ran into Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino of MTV’s curiously popular reality show The Jersey Shore (which I’ve never seen, because it’s stupid), racking up $300 worth of acne medication, women’s foundation, and some US Weekly magazines, among other assorted items, and while I was chatting it up with his buddy/brother/whoever, not having any CLUE who he was (literally, one of my questions was “so where are you from?”), his credit card got declined. We saw him later at a Wells Fargo ATM ($100k ferrari parked out front, license plate “SITCH1”), assumedly transferring some stuff around so that he could cover the large makeup purchase he had just made.

And finally it was time to leave Miami and head back home. =(

Side note – I wasn’t really as red as this picture is making my shoulders look!

To make matters worse, look what I had to come home to!!!

But what an amazing time we had! It was so nice to be with so many of our friends on an incredible vacation and to see our best friend Kate have such a beautiful wedding and a truly happy start to her new married life.

Halloween Weddings – but First Things First

Hello my faithful followers! I have been on vacation this past week visiting my new little nephew in Virginia Beach. Xavier Joseph, born on October 3, weighing in at 5.3 lbs is just about the cutest little guy EVER!

So now that I have that out of the way, let’s talk weddings. Halloween weddings, specifically.

Some friends of mine had a Halloween wedding a few years ago – a masquerade wedding, more specifically. It was quite fun to go to a wedding dressed in a costume, wearing a mask. But even if you don’t want your wedding to be a dress-up-free-for-all, there are still ways of incorporating one of the most outrageous holidays while still keeping it classy, San Diego.

Skull Wedding Invitation by KwirkCreative

Halloween Wine Charm Favors by VumbacaWhite

Treat Take Out Boxes by WeddingAmbience

Rhinestone Spider Hair Clip by Parisxox

Skull Bridemaid Jewelry by happylifejewelry

Cake Topper by CoolestToppers


Pumpkin Escort Card Holders by HomesAndWeddings

Name Your Poison Plates by AustinModern

Cupcake Toppers by JacquelynVaccaro

Bridal Head Piece by gildedshadows

Spooky Wine Bottle Bag by BloomandBarnacle

Screenprinted Dia de los Muertos Necktie by Cyberoptix

Bloody Save the Date by hawkdesigns

Black and Ivory Garter by GarterLady


Clay Skull Pins by handmademom

Skeleton Cameo Necklace by mysweetn0vember

Hopefully you will be attending some fun weddings that incorporate some of these awesome etsy finds this Halloween season!  CLICK HERE to see my treasury that includes all these items.