Celebrate with Peacock Parties!

At Peacock Printing we love making one of a kind wedding invitations and decorations for those special couples but that’s not the only thing we do! We also specialize in children’s birthday invitations and decorations!


One of our most popular birthday invitations is the Passport invite, which is featured on our Peacock Parties Etsy Page. If you’re looking for a fun, creative theme for your child’s birthday party this invitation is perfect for you! This invitation has a safari theme, which you can personalize with a die-cut of your child’s favorite animal on the front! Open it up and you’re ready to travel with our life-like passport “stamps” of tropical and jungle destinations covering the inside of your invite. These passports are customizable so you can create the best invitations for your child’s birthday! If you’re interested in purchasing these invites or any of our other unique birthday decorations you can do so on our Peacock Parties Etsy page.


These invitations can be customized with a wide variety of animals, and can either include a photo or be filled in with different animals. They can also be customized in a number of color schemes if your child has a favorite!

passport 2

Peacock Printing will go above and beyond to make your child’s birthday unforgettable, not only with our birthday invitations, but with decorations and stationery that are unique to your theme! We love being a part of your child’s birthday celebrations and we especially love to see photos of the party and the unique DIY projects that you do to make your child’s birthday special!


Last fall we had the pleasure of working with Charity, a mom of two of the MOST adorable children, on her son Rayden’s first birthday party (and we have since worked with her on a few more parties!). We were happy to supply her with our jungle safari themed invitations and decorations!

For this party Peacock Printing provided a variety of items: invitations, tented cards to label food items, “Rayden is ONE” on sticks to put in the food displays, several banners (“Happy 1st Birthday Rayden”) and another for the highchair (“one”) as well as a photo banner (above) with 12 slots for Charity to insert a photo of Rayden for each month up to one year. For her favor bags, Charity had a unique idea – we supplied Charity with the images and she painstakingly cut out the animal faces to attach to the bags!


Not pictured is a poster that she had made with details about Rayden – his age, favorite foods, first word, favorite things to do, etc. What a memorable thing for a first birthday! It, of course, followed the theme and I’m sure was a talking point for her guests.

On top of these decorations, Charity (as she usually does) came up with some of her own DIY projects to make this party memorable for her son and they were amazing! Her goodie table was impressive, too. She had a variety of sweets and treats to keep all the guests happy, no matter what age.



And don’t even get me started on the CAKE!


Charity nailed this party in every way. Even her decorations were awesome – from the brown paper wrapped “Expedition Supplies” packages on the fireplace to the inflatable jungle animals – this is a party that will be hard to top.


She managed to pull off a very impressive birthday party with her own personal projects, all while taking care of two small children and we were happy and proud to be a part of it! Thank you Charity for choosing Peacock Printing for your party!

We also recently partnered with Chasity (what’s with the Cha-names lately??) who featured our invitations on her blog and wrote up a review of our products. See her review here for more information!

If you or someone you know is looking for invitations for your child’s birthday party, check out our website and our Etsy shop so that we can customize something for you!

Introducing… Peacock Parties!

I’ve finally decided to start photographing and offering many of the items that I do as custom projects through Peacock Printing. I have tried to keep Peacock Printing mainly wedding focused, but I find that as my sales grow and my brides start having babies… and then birthday parties… I am asked more and more often to make new types of items. So I’ve launched a second Etsy Shop, Peacock Parties.


I thought it might be less confusing for you shoppers out there to separate the weddings out a bit from the parties. I will also be updating my logo shortly, and have a different one for each shop. Here are a few new items to keep an eye out for:

  • Cupcake toppers
  • Cake banners
  • Baby shower invitations
  • Graduation invitations
  • Christening invitations
  • Paper banners
  • Stickers
  • Dyed clothespins

A note on the dyed clothespins – this is a project we took on for my sister’s wedding, and they turned out amazing! Check out these photos!



I love how the woodgrain shows through a bit, making each one take on color a little bit differently. These are great for hanging up banners, photos, or anything else that will add to the decor of your next party! With over 500 colors available, you can match almost any color scheme!

Speaking of banners, they have been flying off the shelves lately – and I’m happy to see that, as they are SO much fun to create! I use 3 layers of cardstock to make them ultra sturdy, and use coordinating ribbon to tie it all together – pun intended. There are also some DIY options for you crafty folks out there.



NEW! PARTY IN A BOX:  Another item that I have been thinking about a lot lately, and have finally decided to offer in my shop, is a Party in a Box. Perfect for birthday parties, graduation parties, surprise parties, or really any other type of gathering, these will be offered in three different sizes: Small, Medium and Large. Small is built around 12 guests, Medium around 24, and Large around 36. Of course each can be customized to your number of attendees, but these are some basic packages. They include:

  • invitations
  • cupcake toppers and/or cake banner (depending on your package)
  • custom hanging banner (like the one in the photo above)
  • favor tags or stickers
  • an 8 x 10 sign to put on your door or on your mailbox to let your guests know they’ve arrived at the correct destination

Purchasing all of these items together will save 20% on the price of each item! And it will cut down on the time you have to spend coordinating items from different places (not to mention that you’ll get something handmade, completely custom, and not from a big box generic store)!

Many more photos to come once I get around to all the photography that I need to catch up on.


It’s official! Letterpress is now available! I did my first letterpress job last week and COULD NOT be happier with the way they came out. A BIG shout out to Boxcar Press in Syracuse, NY for making my letterpress dreams come true. See below for some photos of these amazing barn invitations (I’m telling you, they are thick and dreamy in person)!



Anyway that’s about all for now – I’ll have some new photos soon so keep checking back!