gummy bear

Chocolate Weddings!

I have made a sincere effort to bring you something new every day, even on days like today when everything I’m doing seems to be taking longer than expected, and as a result, I am rushing through everything!

I do have something wonderful to share with you, however. I came across this post on GreenWeddingShoes and just fell in LOVE with this invitation:

And can we please talk about this gummy bear?! It weighs 5 lbs and is equivalent to 1,400 regular sized gummy bears. I actually bought one of these for my dad a couple years ago for Christmas. You can get them in 7 different flavors HERE.

Not to mention the chocolate bouquet. Yup, chocolate. An edible bouquet.

So it got me thinking about a chocolate wedding! What if chocolate was your whole theme, not just the color of the bridesmaid dresses and the flavor of the cake? Perhaps you would purchase items like these:

slice of cake favor boxes by imeondesign

pearl bracelet by AMIdesigns

teal and chocolate earrings by fineheart

cupcake magnets by Stefaniaiovon

love is sweet candy tubes by InTheClear

Hershey Kiss Stickers by reneeorr

Candy is Dandy posterby ChattyNora