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Advice cards for your special day!

Every time I look at Pinterest I see more and more fun and creative new things to incorporate in a wedding but one of my recent favorites is advice cards. I’m sure no amount of advice can really prepare you for what marriage is actually like, but at the very least your guests will have something to keep them occupied until dinner is served! I’ve seen these done many different ways but these letterpress coasters are definitely one of the cutest ideas so far. And what better place to put marriage advice than under a drink? The person who came up with this idea clearly didn’t need the advice since they already knew when the couple would need it the most! But in all seriousness, these coasters are a special and unique way for your guests to give you their best advice on your big day!wedding coasters
If you’re interested in buying these adorable coasters you can do so here and be sure to check out the post where I found them for more wedding ideas! But before you do that take a look at these other advice cards I found.

I, myself, tend to get bored at some point at every wedding, whether it’s at the actual ceremony or during that awful break between the ceremony and dinner so these advice cards are perfect for those hard-to-please guests like me! This Mad-Libs style card lets guests put a funny twist on their advice but it also tests their memory of basic English grammar which is sometimes even funnier than the advice itself! You may not get the most helpful advice but as long as your guests are creative you’ll be guaranteed a good laugh after the wedding! If you’re not scared of the things your guests might come up with you can buy these cards here or contact us at if you’d like us to make something like them customized just for you! For more things wedding you can visit our site and check out our Facebook and Twitteradvice cards