Congrats from the President

I know, I know. It’s been months. I’ve been so busy! And I still am, honestly… but I just found something out that is SO COOL that I had to share it!

Apparently if you mail a wedding invitation to the White House, you will get a signed congratulatory letter back from the President and First Lady! What a cool thing to put in your scrapbook, regardless of where you stand politically.

From now on, every American customer will get an invitation mailed to the White House with my compliments (not that I’m discriminatory, but only US Citizens will get a reply). If you live outside the US, just ask for an extra and you can mail it to your President/Prime Minister/Queen/etc! Your reply can take up to a few months after your wedding, so be patient.

PS, Mickey and Minnie Mouse will also send you a reply if you wish =)


  1. How awesome!!! Can’t wait to get my reply from the President and First Lady! Can I request you only send it if Obama wins? I don’t want even the slightest chance of Romney showing up at our reception! 🙂

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