1, 2, 3, 4 Tell Me That You Love Me More

Last night I was listening to Feist on my way home from a shopping trip I took with my best friend and my sister and I was inspired to create another etsy treasury!

Cast Iron #1 by LisbonStory – this would be so beautiful leaning up against the wall on a shelf, or even used as a paperweight!

Lucky #2 Ring by foundling – foundling makes all sorts of beautiful new things from old things!

Maine Beach Stone Buttons by trumperies – how awesome would your chunky wool sweater look with these babies in place of the boring buttons it came with!

Dental Steel and Sterling Silver Earrings by Menno – menno’s shop is full of absolutely gorgeous and uniquely designed items. Really interesting stuff that you won’t see anywhere else!

Blank Primed Nesting Dolls by sersonart – this shop does carry nesting dolls that are painted, but I thought this would be such a cool idea for a personalized Christmas gift, or maybe a fun art project for the kids!

Fancy Filigree Lollipops by VintageConfections – you need to check out this shop. Not only do the candies offered here LOOK totally awesome, but they have a wide variety of flavors and shapes sure to please anyone! With a minimum order of 3, they are an inexpensive way to spice up your event or to just add some fun to your lunchbox.

Sterling Silver Stack Rings, set of 7 by forkwhisperer – I had a theme to this treasury, otherwise I would have had to use one of the listings that features the fork jewelry. Check out these bracelets and rings!! Amazing work. Who knew that silverware was so beautiful? Forkwhisperer, apparently.

Number 8 Architectural Photograph by Photoh – In this shop you can find cool photos of your name, your wedding date, etc. all done in architectural photography.  Affordable and unique!

I’m On Cloud Nine Pillow by PinkBunnyPatterns – omg. Cutest little owl pillows I’ve ever seen. You will fall in love immediately!

Ten Pins & Ball by dolittledesign – I have no idea what felting entails. But it looks intense, and the outcome is amazing. I especially love the little plants in this shop, like this one.

Beach No. 11 photograph by Lampad01 – Adrienne Lampe’s photos are quite stunning. Lots of outdoorsy shots, in forests, on beaches, etc., and also a fasciation with things typography (a kindred spirit!). Her shop is new, so snatch up some of her stuff before she gets insanely popular!

Leather Cuff Bracelet by hotglass – I recently had my first experience shooting a 12 gauge shotgun. My shoulder is still feeling it. However, I won’t hold it against this cuff bracelet! Insert a little badass into your wardrobe.

Lucky #13 Owl Necklace by ValerieMiscellanea – Miscellanea is right. But in a good way! Tons (and by tons I mean 15 pages!!!) of cool stuff in this shop that will keep you looking  fashionable and edgy all at the same time.


The Number 14 by SandraVictoria – Little confession. I always wanted to be a photographer. I thought there was something cool about the look of a photographer, and of course something unspeakably artsy about the profession as a whole. The photos in this shop are exactly like the photos I wish I could take!

Macbook Pro Sleeve by FeleCase – “What does this have to do with the theme?” you ask? Well, it is for a 15″ Macbook! Need a different size, or (sadly) don’t have a Macbook? No fear – they make sleeves for iPads, iPhones, and even Kindles!

Number 16 Fine Art Photograph by ColorSepia – Hailing from Stockholm, ColorSepia has many beautiful photographs that in my opinion are more visually appealing than this one (I did have to stick with a theme you know) but wanted to feature their shop so that everyone could check out their gorgeous images, which focus on a color palette of deep purples, greens, and shades of black. Make sure to check out the red onion photos!

So that’s it for now, folks. I hope you enjoyed the treasury – please check out my list of past treasuries on etsy by clicking HERE!


  1. Oh thanks so much for visiting my shop and featuring my 13 owl necklace! You think 15 pages is a lot? I actually have ANOTHER shop that features my higher end metal work. 🙂 Yep…jewelry making addiction!
    There’s some really cool items in this list—I love some of the industrial style metals

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